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Annuity Truth 101 in Financial Planning

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This week on Ray’s show, I surprised Ray with some incredible information! We know from a study by Fidelity that a couple age 65 today can expect to spend at least $224,000 on healthcare after they retire, which we also know does not include long term care. That’s not new information.
What is new and a startling disclosure is that according to studies cited in the SourceBook published by the American Association of Long Term Care insurance, Long-Term Care Benefits may actually help reduce those costs! According to the AALTCI, Population Health Management reports that Claimants using LTC benefits experienced significantly lower health care costs at end of life. In fact, the AALTCI Sourcebook goes on to say that medical costs were 14% lower, pharmacy costs 13% lower, inpatient admission costs 35% and outpatient visit costs were 16% lower. Finally, AALTCI says that the use of insurance-based LTC services measurably reduces health care expenditures at the end of life.
The implications of this for overall financial and retirement planning are profound. Health care costs have always been the ‘wild card’ in retirement planning and the study by Fidelity has been the only clue about the average cost over and above health insurance covered needs for financial planners. Now we find that those costs can actually be dramatically affected by putting insurance based long term care coverage in place.
I urge everyone to set up a plan of some sort now as part of their overall financial planning. It can help you protect your nest egg much more than you think!

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